Serology Pole

  • Composition (referent members indicated in parentheses)

CHU de Strasbourg (Directors : O. Villard)

CHU d'Angers (B. Cimon)

CHU de Grenoble (H. Pelloux ; H. Fricker-Hidalgo)

CHU de Lille (AS. Deleplancque)

CHU de Marseille (C. L'Ollivier)

CHU de Nice (C. Pomares)

AP-HP : Bichat  (S. Houzé) ; Pitié-Salpetrière (L. Paris)


Contribution to developing, evaluating, and standardizing immunological diagnostic techniques:

– standardization of validation conditions for antibody detection techniques

– expertise for difficult cases.

Contribution to evaluating the national serological screening programme.

Helping health professionals (diagnosis and information).


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