CRB Toxoplasma

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 The Biological Resource Centre (CRB) Toxoplasma was developed in 2002 as a response to the tender from the Ministry of Research and Inserm (biological health samples and composition of the Biological Resource Centres).

The CRB Toxoplasma functions with a network of correspondents in university hospitals in France, and is co-directed by the parasitology-mycology laboratories of the CHU Reims (Pr I. Villena) and Limoges (Pr M.L. Dardé), in collaboration with the universities in these two cities.

It aims to collect toxoplasma strains isolated in France thanks to the implementation of a national network that brings together 29 CHU within France and the overseas departments and territories (‘DOM-TOM’). The strains isolated from human samples are sent to the CRB where they are referenced using specific software created with related clinical data. The CRB then performs multilocus genomic typing (on several genes or microsatellites). The sustainability of the strain bank is ensured by the cryopreservation of aliquots after multiplying the strains in cell and murine cultures. The CRB is managed by the CHU through a convention with the university. The toxoplasma strains that are characterized can then be addressed to the scientific community (a catalogue will soon be available on line).

The CRB Toxoplasma has been certified (NFS 96900) since 12 January 2010.

A catalogue and ordering instructions are available on the CRB Toxoplasma web site.