Epidemiology – Strains Pole

 Composition (referent members indicated in parentheses)

CHU Reims (Director, I. Villena)

CHU de Limoges (A. Mercier – H. Yera)

CHU de Lyon (M. Wallon)

AP-HP : Cochin  (F. Ariey)

CHU de Rouen (G. Gargala)

CHU de Toulouse (J. Fillaux)


Updating epidemiological information

Epidemiological studies with the SpF (National Health Monitoring Institute)

Contribution to evaluating the national screening programme and establishing the congenital toxoplasmosis monitoring programme

Notification of cases

Contribution to establishing prevention recommendations

Contribution to alerts: declaring grouped cases of toxoplasmosis or collective food toxi-infections (TIAC) to the SpF.

Helping health professionals (diagnosis and care)

Molecular Epidemiology:

  • Characterizing strains
  • Geographical distribution
  • Comparing human and animal strains

Chemosensitivity of strains:

  • Evaluating resistance


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